Coaching Packages
Working with a coach can be an incredible catalyst for transformation. I recognized this with my own experience hiring a coach.

>>Through mindfulness, spiritual connection, deep subconscious re-programming, and journaling exercises, you will be able to make those changes that you've been wanting to make <<
For coaching inquires, please email me at

I have different coaching packages, ranging from 2 90-min sessions all the way to 6 months depending on what your needs are and what it is you're seeking to accomplish with coaching <3
"Kelsey has helped me shift my mindset on so many different things that I perceived as problems and that were blocking me from being truly happy in life. Every time I felt like I was on the verge of giving up or having a mental breakdown, she was available to chat and help me put things back into perspective. I legit rely on her coaching to get me through dark times when I feel my energy is low or mindset is negative. She has also given me tools that I can use outside of her coaching so that I am able to help myself (books, journaling, prompts, etc). I highly recommend any of her coaching programs, it has been a huge help to be able to go to her for anything and have that one on one experience!!!"
"Working with Kelsey has allowed me to take a deeper look at my patterns of thought, realize limiting beliefs and work towards reframing those thoughts. Kelsey has a way of asking the difficult questions that will get you thinking about the root cause of many thoughts or patterns and many times, realize when your ego is taking over. She is someone that will truly listen to you, without judgement and give you the tools you need in order to get through whatever it is you're trying to get through. She will shed light and put things into perspective in a way that you maybe weren't able to see before and I think that's an extremely valuable skill as a coach. Her provided journal prompts have helped when journaling, being that I'm a journaling newbie and didn't know where to even begin and I go to her page for inspiration whenever I need some. Overall, working with Kelsey has been an incredible experience and I look forward to continue working with her."
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